TMJ Treatment Specialist

Mouth and tooth pain can be debilitating. TMJ treatment and pain management plans can help patients who have recurring mouth pain deal with the discomfort they endure. Dr. Roya Levi and the staff of Main Street Dentistry offer many different treatment options that address both tooth pain and the discomfort associated with TMJ. In Santa Monica, California, patients who are suffering tooth pain or the discomfort of TMJ should call Dr. Levi immediately to find out what treatment options are available.

What causes TMJ pain?

TMJ pain occurs in the joint of the jaw. The temporomandibular joint allows you to chew, speak, and move your mouth. The joint is forced to accommodate massive amounts of stress. The force of chewing can cause normal wear and tear on the joint. TMJ pain is often the result of the teeth being out of alignment or if inflammation is present in the joint that forces dislocation of the joint.

Dr. Levi can identify many potential problems that forces the TMJ joint to move improperly. From teeth misalignment to a neck injury that results in inflammation, anything that affects the function of the joint may result in some degree of pain and discomfort. Grinding or clenching teeth may also produce pain.

How is mouth pain treated?

Mouth pain can be caused by many things. Infections within the teeth are often treated with root canals or fillings. Sores or lesions that appear on the soft tissues of the mouth are treated by uncovering the cause and correcting the issue. When this occurs, Dr. Levi normally prescribes an antibiotic to reduce the patient's risk of infection.

When a patient comes to Dr. Levi for mouth pain, she performs a thorough examination to determine what is causing their discomfort. The cause is treated, allowing the lesions to eventually heal. Tissues within the mouth heal extremely fast, often within a few hours or a day's time.

When is an extraction necessary?

A tooth extraction is necessary for several reasons. A few of them include:

  • Teeth damaged beyond repair
  • Not enough room in the mouth to accommodate all of the teeth
  • Wisdom teeth that have become impacted or lodged against other structures

There are situations when a tooth must be extracted to prevent other teeth from irreparable damage.

Dr. Levi can identify potential problems such as limited space or the direction in which a tooth is erupting that may give her cause to recommend an extraction. Whether a tooth is damaged or obstructed in some way, it is important for Dr. Levi to take the appropriate action to save the other teeth that are nearby.

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