Root Canal Specialist

Dr. Roya Levi is a family dentist who specializes in many different procedures and techniques. In addition to offering basic dental care, she also offers root canals and many other procedures designed to restore proper function to the mouth. The professional staff at Main Street Dentistry encourages patients living in the Santa Monica, California area to contact Dr. Levi if they experience any type of mouth or tooth pain.

What is involved in a root canal?

A root canal is performed when an infection is present inside of the tooth itself. The pulp within the tooth that surrounds the root is full of tiny channels and blood vessels that keep it nourished. When an infection makes its way inside of the tooth and inflammation develops, it can cause intense tooth pain.

During a root canal, Dr. Levi drills into the tooth, removing as much of the affected nerve as possible. Once the nerve is removed, a composite is placed inside the hole to stabilize and protect the tooth from further damage. Once this is thoroughly and completely healed, a permanent crown is placed on top to seal the tooth.

What causes a root canal to fail?

Root canals can fail if not all of the infection is removed. While Dr. Levi makes every attempt to eliminate all of the bacteria and infection inside the tooth, the tiny channels within the pulp can make that extremely difficult. In some cases, the entire nerve may need to be removed.

If a root canal does fail, Dr. Levi may have to re-enter the tooth and remove a larger section of the root and more of the surrounding pulp. The hole again is filled with the composite material and a crown placed on top to seal and protect the tooth from further damage.

Why are root canals performed?

Root canals are performed to save the tooth. When an infection occurs inside the tooth, it can't be filled on the surface like a cavity. Infections inside the tooth can go deep below the gum line making it impossible for Dr. Levi to reach it from the outside. A root canal allows her to enter the tooth, find the infection, and treat it accordingly.

Infections inside the tooth can cause unbearable, intense pain that may not be responsive to over-the-counter pain relievers. The infection that's present inside the tooth can actually damage the interior of the tooth to the point that it begins to weaken. Performing a root canal eliminates the infection and prevents it from returning in the future.

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