Dental Implants Specialist

Dr. Roya Levi and her staff at Main Street Dentistry specialize in restorative dental procedures involving the use of dental implants and other techniques that help her patients maintain their smile and overall dental health. Patients who have lost teeth or who are preparing to have one or more teeth pulled are encouraged to call Dr. Levi and discuss the option of dental implants. Dental implants are a permanent solution that not only improves a person's appearance but adds stability to the jaw.

Can dental implants be removed after they are in place?

Dental implants are designed to become permanent structures within the mouth. As part of the implant procedure, a small hole is placed in the jaw bone. The implant is inserted into the hole and the bone is allowed to grow and remodel around it, securing it firmly into the bone. Trying to remove the implant after it has already become part of the jaw bone can cause irreparable damage.

Dr. Levi offers dental implants to her patients who are looking for long-term solutions to their dental issues. By using a dental implant, she can restore the normal function of the teeth and the jaw providing both security and an aesthetic solution.

Do implants prevent erosion of the jaw bone?

Dental implants can actually prevent bone loss. When a tooth is lost, the bone that once surrounded the root begins gradually to wear away. Over time, this erosion can be substantial, changing the appearance of the face and affecting the stability of nearby teeth. Once the implant is in place, the erosion of the bone decreases because new bone growth begins.

Dr. Levi uses implants to create stability and support within the jaw bone. As the bone heals, it becomes stronger, supporting nearby teeth, holding them firmly in place. The stability offered by the implant provides a long-lasting solution that may prevent future bone loss.

Can dental implants be used with dentures?

Using multiple implants allows full dentures to be created using the dental implant concept. The upper and lower dentures can be manufactured so they snap firmly onto the posts of the implants. This adds a level of security that prevents dentures from sliding or slipping while you are eating and speaking.

With the use of dental implants, Dr. Levi offers her patients a more effective way to wear dentures. The combination of both dental implants and denture plates offers patients a level of convenience and confidence that could never be reached with conventional dentures. They are not only more stable but in many cases, they also are more natural looking than older dentures.

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