Crowns & Bridges Specialist

Crowns and bridges are a great way to improve a person's smile. Dr. Roya Levi and her staff can create crowns and bridges to improve the visual appearance of their patient's teeth. At Main Street Dentistry, Dr. Levi looks forward to helping her patients find ways to boost their confidence and restore their beautiful smiles. Santa Monica, California residents can visit her at her office or can schedule a mobile appointment for increased convenience.

Why are crowns and bridges used?

Crowns and bridges are used to give the appearance that all of the teeth in place and the mouth is fully functional. They also act as a block to prevent teeth on either side of an opening from shifting inward to fill the gap. Crowns and bridges help maintain the proper alignment of the teeth so the patient's bite pattern remains intact.

Dr. Levi can create a bridge that spans two or more teeth. She also can create single crowns when only one tooth is missing. By using dental implants, crowns, and bridges, she can reestablish a look of normalcy within the mouth, allowing the person to eat, speak, and smile effectively.

What happens if a gap in between two teeth is left unfilled?

When a person loses a tooth, two things may happen. The bone begins to erode because there is no root attached. Secondly, the teeth on either side of the space begin to shift. When all of the teeth are present, they support one another and help maintain proper placement.

If a tooth or teeth are lost, the ones on either side shift towards the center in an attempt to close the gap. When teeth are lost, Dr. Levi can immediately create a bridge or crown that can be placed within the gap and provide support to the surrounding teeth. If dental implants are used, both issues are taken care of with one treatment option.

How long will a crown or bridge last?

The type of material used to create the crown determines how long it lasts. Temporary crowns are often made of ceramic which is of lesser quality than the porcelain used in permanent crowns. A temporary crown can last up to two years, with permanent crowns lasting anywhere from five to ten years, depending on the level of care they receive.

Bridges normally are made to last for several years, but the length of time is determined by the quality of workmanship and the materials used. Dr. Levi encourages her patients who have had bridgework performed in the past to visit her office should they experience difficulties. She is able to assess the situation and discuss what treatment options are available.

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