Teeth Whitening Specialist

Teeth whitening procedures are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available. At Main Street Dentistry, Dr. Roya Levi offers whitening procedures to her patients who have teeth that are abnormally shaped or severely stained. In the Santa Monica, California area, patients who are unhappy with how their smile looks can visit the doctor and her staff to learn about the options that are available so they can make an informed choice.

Can a patient whiten their teeth too much?

With the abundance of teeth whitening products on the market today, a patient can actually whiten their teeth too much. Many patients use a home whitening system in addition to using toothpastes that contain bleaching agents. Excessive use of teeth whitening products can damage the enamel of the teeth, causing it to weaken and not provide adequate protection.

Dr. Levi offers professional teeth whitening systems to help patients brighten their smile without harming their teeth. She takes the guesswork out of how often a patient needs to whiten and what type of products offer the most benefit. Dr. Levi works with each patient to find the best approach so they can reach their goal of having a whiter, brighter smile.

What are the benefits of having your teeth whitened?

Patients who have discolored or heavily stained teeth are often self-conscious about their smile. They don't laugh out loud or speak with their mouth fully open. Their smiles tend to be thin lines with no teeth showing. Teeth whitening systems remove the stains and discolorations allowing you to have a brighter smile.

Having Dr. Levi professionally whiten your teeth eliminates the fear that you may be doing too much to brighten your smile. She closely monitors each procedure making sure you get the exact treatment you need, all the while making sure your teeth are fully protected from overexposure to the whitening agents.

How long does it take to perform a teeth whitening procedure?

If you have your teeth professionally whitened at Dr. Levi's office the entire procedure takes less than an hour from start to finish, allowing you to return to your daily routine. Once you have been put in the dental chair, your teeth are cleaned and the whitening gel applied to the surfaces. A special light is directed onto the teeth, allowing the gel to cure.

After 30 minutes, the light is turned off and the gel is rinsed away, leaving behind a whiter, brighter smile. Dr. Levi determines the amount of time the treatment is used based on the degree of discoloration and staining.

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