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Why is flossing your teeth strongly recommended?

Dentists can not emphasize enough the benefits of flossing your teeth. Regularly flossing your teeth removes plaque and helps prevent plaque buildup, which can lead to tartar. Getting in the habit of flossing regularly will not only eliminate plaque but also remove excess food particles that a toothbrush cannot reach. As a result, flossing regularly can also help enhance the brightness of teeth.

This is similar to a carpet before and after you vacuum. The dust and dirt inside the carpet are not very visible until you vacuum the carpet and the dust is removed, making the carpet look brighter and nicer. This same analogy applies regarding flossing your teeth regularly.

Further, flossing can improve the health of gums by preventing them from bleeding and reducing the chances of acquiring gum disease. Flossing combined with brushing and rinsing will keep your teeth and gums healthy while giving you a gorgeous smile!

Flossing is a key component in maintaining strong oral health. If you have not started flossing regularly, it is never too late to begin!


Steps on how to properly floss:

  1. Wind: Wind about 18 inches of dental floss and tie one end around the middle or index finger of 1 hand, and do the same with the other hand. 18 inches might seem too long, but you want it long enough to keep a clean segment in place as you move from tooth to tooth.
  2. Guide: Between your 2 fingers, keep a 1 to 2 inches length of floss and use your index fingers to floss between your teeth in an up and down motion, while applying some pressure to the side of the tooth.
  3. It is extremely vital to hug your teeth with the floss as you are flossing- almost making a C-shape with the floss hugging your tooth.
  4. Make sure when you floss in between your teeth you are also flossing under the gum line while applying some pressure.


Below is a video showing the proper and most beneficial way to floss your teeth:


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